Escalade Owner "Mr. Tony Amine" | Beirut, Lebannon | IMPEX

I want to thank you and the Impex team for the great hospitality, care and interest you have showed me prior to becoming part of the extended Impex family. I am positively amazed with the excellent service and professionalism through the different stages of the purchase decision that I went through.

I was very happy to receive the orchids in the morning, it made feel a true member of the Impex family.

As you know I was not planning to buy an Escalade and my buying decision turned upside down when I first got into the car to drive it. My modest advise for the team is Testdrive, Testdrive , Testdrive is the best commercial growth driver.

Once again thank you for all the support and I have to tell you that the Escalade experience is like flying a private jet but on ground.

All the best,

Tony Amine